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Fixed Wireless Deals

Fixed wireless installations at your home or business requires a small dish antenna, mounted outside on a pole.

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Fibre Deals

We partner with SA’s leading Fibre Network providers to bring you the best deals at a price you can afford.

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Get LTE for your home or business, move it with you, wide network coverage, Quick Setup, NO Contracts

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Pure Connect

Delivered via Openserve’s existing copper infrastructure, fully uncapped and no landline needed.

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CCTV Camera Deals

We partner with SA’s leading Suppliers to bring you the best Security deals at a price you can afford

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Online Deals

You can order online from us, quick and easy, we partner with local businesses to ensure that you get the best prices

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Rental Deals

Southern Cape WISP allows you to apply for a rent to own deal on one of our products or package deal

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Hosting Deals

If you want a website for your small business or personal blog, you will need a domain and a web hosting package.

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